How to setup FREE SSL for your website ?

SSL is required for websites nowadays as it always plays a role in SEO. Many internet companies provide SSL but they charge for it. but if you don’t want to purchase it you can still use it for free from some websites like.


These are some website which provides free SSL for your website the duration of certificate stays 3 months in case of above three links and 1 year if you go with Cloudflare.

Now, here we will see how works for setting free SSL for your website.

  • Go to and enter your domain name .





  • Now select anyone domain verification technique you like

  • I am going with manual verification right now

  • Now here download both files they mentioned and just upload it in your domain directory
      • Path this is path
      • upload both downloaded files here
      • after uploading, click on download ssl certificate button and you will see this screen

    • Now to go SSL section in your server / cpanel and select your domain.

    • upload CRT, KEY AND CABUNDLE here and click on save.
    • Now if you are using wordpress you have to install one plugin.
      • this plugin will do everything required and it will convert everything from http to https
    • if you want to do it manually just update  your htaccess file by adding this code
      • RewriteEngine On 
        RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 
        RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]